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!!SOLD!! Cornet Yamaha YCR 231S

Refurbished , includes hard case and Yamaha mouthpiece.
R 5 990,00 incl VAT

Cornet Conn Director

Refurbished with a case and Vincent Bach 3C mouthpiece!
R 5 990,00 incl VAT

Denis Wick Classic Cornet - 4BW

Denis Wick classic cornet mouthpiece - 4BW
R 1 298,00 incl VAT

Denis Wick Extending Tube Mute for Trumpet DW5506

Poor intonation and projection have long been problems associated with extending tube mutes. Wick has eradicated these problems through a new design that creates a change in color without muffling the sound. Whether the stem is in, extended, or removed, these mutes produce a crisp, focused sound that projects easily.
R 1 375,00 incl VAT

Denis Wick Heavy Top Cornet - 1B

Denis Wick Silver Plated Heavy Top Mouthpiece for Cornet - 1B
R 3 110,00 incl VAT

Faxx Cornet Mouthpiece

Faxx Silver Plated Mouthpiece for Cornet
R 720,00 incl VAT