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Jody Jazz Power Ring Ligature for Alto Sax MA1S (Silver)

The all new Jody Jazz POWER RING Ligature improves upon the original Jody Jazz Ring Ligature with an all new design that provides both a significant improvement in performance and greatly enhanced visual appeal. Taking the essence of his original ring ligature design. Jody developed the original ring ligature to provide an elegant solution to the problem with ligatures that dampen vibration of the reed. There are no moving or added parts, thereby increasing the efficiency of vibration. The increased mass and greater wall thickness of the new POWER RING Ligature, together with its more contoured shape, provides a more solid contact with the reed at the points where they touch. This allows the most freedom and vibration of the reed which in turn also increases the amount of harmonics present, allowing the fullest saxophone sound containing high, mid and low frequencies. The MA1S ring is suitable for the following Jody Jazz Alto mouthpieces: -Super Jet -DV alto 5-8 -DV NY alto
R 970.00 incl VAT