Swabs & Cloths

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BG Body Swab, Curved Soprano Sax, A33C

BG Body Swab, Curved Soprano Sax, A33C
R 450,00 incl VAT

Flute Mouthpiece and Bocal Cleaning Swab

FLUTE Body and head joint swab
R 40,00 incl VAT

BG Trumpet Lead Pipe Swab

TRUMPET: Lead pipe swab
R 290,00 incl VAT

BG Body Swab Soprono Sax

Swab Soprono Sax
R 290,00 incl VAT

Woodwind & Brass Bell Covers (place your order 021 7032902)

These washable, double layered bell covers are made from black cotton Lycra and reduce the spread of aerosols from woodwind brass instruments, without adversely affecting the sound.
R 0,00 incl VAT