Trombone Repairs

We provide a free collection and delivery service to our local schools

& use a courier service for our nation wide customers.

Why Use MusiCraft?

At MusiCraft we employ a team of 5 on-site woodwind & brass technicians. We have always prided ourselves as being first class technicians where your playing pleasure is our priority. With our team of skilled technicians we have gained ourselves an enviable reputation amongst players and teachers alike. We pride ourselves on the highest quality of work which we guarantee.  


Repairs charged R690.00 per hour, with a minimum charge of R350.00

Emergency Repairs: 
Done while you wait, re-straightening, re-alignment to bent keys, re-seating pads, replacement of spring, etc. charged @ R860.00 per hour.

NB. The prices below are a rough guide. An accurate estimate will be given once the instrument is assessed and work will commence once approved.  

Maintenance Service: 
Entails the removal of all working parts. Clean, wash and remove all corrosion from inner & outer hand slide tubes, Re-straightening, alignment and hand lapping to inner hand slide. Attend to any minor repairs. Replace water key cork. Assemble and lubricate.

R1,000 – R1,800

Major Service:
Undertaking of all necessary major repairs i.e.: Re-straightening twisted hand slide, removal dents from hand slides. Re-solder any loose stays, braces and tubes. Loosen stuck tuning slide. Remove all dents from body. Complete regulating and hand lapping hand slide. Replace water key cork and spring. Restoring the instrument to a good playing condition.

R1,850 - R3,500

Complete Overhaul, Silver plating & Re-lacquer:
Complete stripping of instrument. Remove of all dents and undertake all major repairs. Replace all missing parts. Re-surfacing of metal to high polish finish. Silver plating or lacquering. Re-building of valves – copper plating, nickel plating etc.

Quotations for these specialized jobs will be given on examination of your instrument.

NB. For all rotary valve trombones add R600 – R850 for the replacement of spare parts. Replacement of missing parts is not included and would need to be quoted on.