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Fibracell Premier Synthetic B-Flat Clarinet Reed

Fibracell Premier Synthetic B-Flat Clarinet Reed
R 420.00 incl VAT

Gonzalez Bass Clarinet Reeds

The Gonzalez RC Bb bass clarinet reeds. have a classic, French style filing. These reeds are made on a segment of 4.1 mm. Rectified to 3.7 mm. this leaves the scraping in the most vibrant area of the reed and produces a very brilliant sound.
R 92.00 incl VAT

Légère (Legere)Synthetic European Cut for Clarinet - Signature

The European Cut for Clarinet is our most flexible reed. The unique profile design allows for a bright, colourful yet warm and clean sound. It responds without hesitation and easily glides from the low registers to the high registers of the instrument. Its ease of playing is the reason this reed is used by almost all Légère Endorsing Clarinetists performing on the French system. This reed is preferred by advanced and professional clarinetists worldwide.
R 650.00 incl VAT